08 April 2012

Jiménez: "The result is misleading and unfair"

Zaragoza coach said he believes "in honor of the arbitrators." He added that "the result is misleading," and is "satisfied with the attitude" of his team.

Real Zaragoza coach Manolo Jiménez, described the outcome reaped by his team against Barcelona as "misleading and unfair" in a game in which he emphasized that have come "harmed by arbitration," but believes "the reputation of the referees. "

Jiménez did not want to argue for its expulsion at the beginning of the second half, but recalled that in the tunnel at the end of the first part had chatted with Turienzo Álvarez and had seemed "dialogue" but declined to go deeper.

The Arahal coach analyzed that the first goal of Barcelona "should not have come," but without clarifying the reasons, and when the score was already 1-2 "has been a very clear penalty Keita was the second card, but we should not doubt those mistakes. has whistled understand that what he has seen. "

"The team lacked being competitive and today we have faced a team that takes us out fifty points and the field was so much difference until the team finished dead," he said.

"The only way out of where we are is to keep fighting in the same way every game and hope that the reaction has not been late," he said.

In this regard the waste of energy by his players admitted to being worried face next Thursday's game against Sevilla because "each week we are very fair with the players and everyone was squeezed."

The wide track not considered a setback for his men because they "do not think we deserved such a result because we have done everything as if it had crushed and expelled to Abraham do not think that Barcelona had gone with that marker." (via AS)