05 April 2012

Jiménez: "At Barcelona plays at full intensity"

Real Zaragoza coach Manolo Jiménez, knows his team can do against FC Barcelona braking the good run of three consecutive victories which has given air to keep thinking about salvation but even lost not think you need to re-see "all dark".

"We hope to save us and now we have a tough schedule in the next two matches (FC Barcelona and Sevilla) but not have to go back to see everything dark, although these two rivals are not of our League particular", commented in his previous appearance the closed-door training his team in the Ciudad Deportiva.

However, Jones believes that azulgrana side "you can win" although aware of the "difficulties that will arise and have to look at the numbers on the regularity of the equipment and it is clear that Barcelona is well above the ours. "

"I hate to lie or be a bully. At Barcelona he plays at full intensity and trying to counter it, if we believe that he plays one on one is that I'm unconscious," he said.

Also anticipated about the state of the pitch and the possibility of leaving the grass higher than "wear out the muscles" and do not plan to "try anything unusual, other than perhaps to leave the field a little dry to run the ball less. "

In his opinion the party can not raise output to try to draw because "it is impossible and when you mark a Barcelona go to the party and kills you."

"All I ask is that you can not have their day and all go out and compete and let people see that the team gives everything he has," he said.

Once abandoned the negative dynamic in which "every game everyone thought he was going to lose" is now upside down and "that's good but be realistic."

Arahal coach again expressed his satisfaction with the improvement of their players. "I love it, he said the attitude of the players who train with joy and that translates into the field."

On possible absences that Pep Guardiola will have noted that "it is clear that all coaches want to have the entire staff, but there are teams that have no problems pulling parts or doing rotations because they have many resources."

"Barcelona has been the dynamic leading for years because it works fine. Know what to play and have a style that no change to anyone because they are better than anybody," he said.

Jiménez also have three penalty lower by men who are still important in the scheme in recent games as David Mateos, Luis García and Antonio Galdeano 'Apoño', which will force you to "reinvent something in our patterns and we have many resources. "

Following the results achieved in recent games for his team, coach zaragocista now recognized in the street feels that people think they can save and scares "have faith" in the event that after the permanence fail but has seen "The zaragoza soccer is excited." (via SPORT)