01 April 2012

Javi Martínez: "With more rest would have been better show"

The Athletic Club player Javi Martínez said today that if his team could have had more rest after the Champions League match against Schalke 04 would have been a better show tonight at the Camp Nou, where the Basque side has fallen by 2 -0.

"It's a shame for all, because with more rest for us we could give a better show. This is one of the best games that can be seen today in the First Division," he said after the meeting the international footballer, now has played center.

Despite the defeat, Javi Martínez has been found to have "everything" to end the game, looking to close the gap on the scoreboard at all times.

"It's our way of playing this year. That does not matter what the outcome and regardless of the minute of the game, we fought for every ball," stated the player, whose team played the Europa League meeting last Thursday.

Martínez stated that delivery was "admirable" but despite working long run, this is not enough to earn Barça.

Athletic footballer has also commented that this game can not be compared with that live in the final of the Copa del Rey.

"It will be a very different match, because Barcelona is not so used to playing at the Calderón and because we will be more rested," he insisted.

Finally, Javi Martínez has reviewed the controversial play of the meeting, which noted his penalty for a takedown Cristian Tello in the area.

"Not sure, but I think he can do more to keep from falling. Not all contact is missing, you can make more effort to follow," said the Basque team player. (via Marca)