04 April 2012

In Italy they talk about Barca's interest by Giovinco

The player's agent said that the interest of Barça for forward "means that you are doing well."

In Italy linked the name of Parma forward Giovinco for Barcelona. Claudio Pasqualin player's agent has said in remarks that reflected several Italian media that "it seems strange to me the interest of Barcelona" by his client.

Giovinco, who has an offer of renewal for his team, has not signed the agreement. "The situation has not changed much. Giovinco is concentrated with Parma and think about the championship right away, then that has to be what we will decide together with other components. Speeches are premature, there is a championship to finish" Pasqualin explained.

"The interest of Barcelona is strange? I do not seem strange, to say that he is doing well. Ask confirmation Leonardi, the club should be informed about this. What I can say is that I still too early to talk anything. If you left? not exclude it because the football mercato not know some things. the only certainty is that Giovinco is concentrated with Parma because he wants to do well, is a serious professional "has ruled. (via MD)