20 April 2012

In France trigger 'alert Pepe' before el clásico

'France Football' stands in front Barça-Madrid next to the hardness of Pepe, "the man who loved to call", as protagonist, whom he describes as "abrasive, violent and provocative."

The magazine 'France Football' is very clear. The image projected to the world that have both Barça and Real Madrid in recent seasons has stalled. Styles defended from Barcelona and Madrid have been generally quite opposite poles, and the message has ended up catching on among fans of half the world.

'France Football' has used an image of a forceful entry on Messi to owner Pepe "It's brutal," on the previous Clásico Saturday.

The gala magazine sums up the general view of the game that either team practice. Not surprisingly, in the inside pages Pepe is defined as "the man who loved to call" well considered "abrasive, violent and provocative."

'France Football' also recalls that the Portuguese central "has been behind all the controversies of the last clásicos" and affords a classification of the five toughest players Historic Real Madrid, regardless of its own Pepe. This is a list composed of Goyo Benito, Fernando Hierro, Pedro de Felipe, Thomas Gravesen and Ricardo Rocha. (via SPORT)