04 April 2012

In England there is no argument, "Nesta unnecessary Penalty"

"The veteran defender grabbed without Busquets in the area," says the BBC. "Busquets was held by Nesta" notes the Guardian.
In France, 'L'Equipe' recalls the two penalties in favor of the Barça did not listed in the first leg.

The controversy fueled by the media related to Milan ... and Madrid on penalties pitados Barça against all 'Rossoneri' has entered the discussion in the media in countries like England or France. While all contained the words of Ibrahimovic, all British media agreed that the penalty of Nesta to Busquets was as clear as unnecessary and even give Swedish vehement response to the statements of Pep Guardiola told a news conference.

In the 'BBC' are the "cheap penalty" committed by Nesta. "The defender, vast experience, Busquets unnecessarily grabbed inside the box" point in his match report. "Sergio Busquets was held by Alessandro Nesta in a corner and whistled Bjorn Kuipers' explain 'The Guardian'. "Alessandro Nesta stretched the shirt Busquets and Kuipers said the spot" argues 'The Telegraph'.

'L'Equipe' recognizes that there grab but questions whether "in a moment" should have brought. In any case remember that in the first leg Barça he "was deprived of two penalties." (via MD)