14 April 2012

Guardiola visited Abidal in the hospital Clinic

By mid-afternoon on Friday the Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola visited the French player, who follows his process.

Pep Guardiola had said hours earlier at a news conference that the state of Eric Abidal was progressing normally. He declined to give details and said that this was the best news I could give. By midafternoon, the Barça coach, with his companion Cristina visited the French player in the Hospital Clínic, where on Tuesday was carried out surgery. Guardiola chatted for twenty minutes with Abidal and his families.

It was an unexpected visit and lightning with the idea of ​​not tiring the player. Guardiola, who tried to go unnoticed arrived at the hospital at 18.30 to visit Abidal, which is on the ground recovering from surgery with his cousin. The coach, with his companion, was recognized by both the hospital and hospital staff by people who were there. Both received numerous expressions of support and there were many who wanted to convey messages of encouragement for Abidal, who has become a reference for those who are facing tough situations as complex as yours.

Guardiola was interested in the evolution of the player and encouraged him a speedy recovery. Until yesterday, the player had received no visits other than those of his family. That of Guardiola, the first, it is certainly very significant. (via SPORT)