24 April 2012

Guardiola: "It is time for the players"

The coach demonstrates faithfulness to its staff and its ability to gain access to the final in Munich. "These players are unique, will be forever in our memories and on Tuesday they'll do it," he says.

The highlights Santpedor always facing the parties "with optimism". "Of course I'll get to Munich," he says.

Do chances, realize them and to control the outputs against Chelsea will be key, according to Guardiola.

Josep Guardiola faces the crucial match against Chelsea on Tuesday as a new challenge and all "optimism." And as he points out, owes it to his players: "At all times I have faced this challenge with optimism by the faith I have in this team." And as for Santpedor in this round of the semifinals of the Champions comes "when the players." "They are big, unique, will be forever in our memories and do it again tomorrow," he says, just before having to reiterate the conviction that "these players eliminated Chelsea."

As he explained himself, from day one has never faced a game, "thinking it would be okay." "Of course I'll get to Munich," Guardiola said forcefully, just before heading to the representatives of the different media that were present saying "let him think we will. From day one I thought it will be well" . He adds: "It's a new challenge for us. Rival is a fantastic, very difficult, and we are ready to fight them across a semifinal of the Champions League and to try to reach the final."

Barcelona coach as the key points that your team is able to generate scoring chances and make them and be aware of the virtues of the English side, among which are the outlets on the counter: "It's a physically strong team, defense, which goes well in space. Seeing all this, we have the balance of pace and intensity needed. not think we have many occasions and we have the wisdom to them. I have no doubt that with patience and strength we can draw . started with an own goal, we have 90 minutes ahead and we will do everything to turn around. "

In the same vein, and the question of whether you think the Chelsea mark, Guardiola does not rule out, mainly because "it has weapons to do it." "I think it will play on the result. Will expect us we generate a loss to get out. It is at this point that we should be prepared," he says, just before underlining that, in games like these "is impossible not to feel excitement "." The players have shown many times that know how to live with these situations and now is no exception, "he highlighted.

Guardiola, who has made it clear that the outcome of this tie will have nothing to do with his decision to continue or not running the first team bench, made the reflection that, after watching Saturday's game against Real Madrid, believes that Barça "did well". "You can always do better than you do. We have previously done so well that sometimes look down on opponents. I think we played very well in recent days. Viewing Madrid game I think we did well. Not is easy to create chances against a team as physical, awaits you behind. our football is peculiar. has been so, the pass is our essence, and will continue while I am the coach. I think with the cold weather that we will we. "

Finally, referring to Piqué, Guardiola has said have you "much love" and that it is a "happy boy who loves his profession and his life." "With Gerard absolutely nothing happens. Has been long standing, and has recovered. We started together, and I have a great appreciation for their way of being, for his love life, and how you like this game. the rest are my own decisions. it's the same I met four years ago, a cheerful boy who loves his profession and his life. He has the football and lots more. I'm not here to tell you what to do. has the required to have their concerns. I love him so, as he is. "

"That Messi play, be happy and do business as usual"

Guardiola has responded well on the performance of Messi in terms of goals in recent games: "Let me never be worried about him. As if 27 games without scoring a goal. Let's calm and do not check permission until he goals want. Animalada has made a goal. that play, to be happy and do what ever. His ambition helps us all to achieve the successes we have achieved. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)