26 April 2012

Guardiola has already spoken to Rosell

Pep Guardiola and Sandro Rosell, and held its first contact to address their future. The Barcelonista coach will announce his final decision Friday. At this time, would be closer to leaving than staying in Barça.

The meeting between the coach and the Barça president took place just hours after the elimination of Barça in the Champions League. Specifically, on Wednesday at nine o'clock at the home of the coach. The event has transpired today and unveiled by Ona FM, lasted about three hours.

Guardiola, who contract ends June 30 and Rosell spoke of continuity in a long meeting was also attended by the area director of football, Andoni Zubizarreta, and vice sports, Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Thus, contrary to initial forecasts on Thursday there will be no more contacts. The key day will be Friday morning, when the team returns to practice. Guardiola kept a new face to face with Rosell and all staff, to the person who wants to communicate its decision before publication.

Guardiola still be mature response, but right now, would be closer to leaving than staying. For this reason, the club deck several options as alternatives, if ultimately will choose to leave the club. Among the candidates are Ernesto Valverde, Laurent Blanc, Marcelo Bielsa and Manuel Villas-Boas. (via SPORT)