22 April 2012

Guardiola: “There are very few things I can blame on the team"

The manager recognized that the defeat to Madrid means that “a competition that we fought for has slipped away”.

“The players gave it their all and because of that they know that they have me,” he said.

Guardiola said that his objective is to “recover the players ahead of the match on Tuesday. I have the impression that they’ll get up. They know how important it is”.

Josep Guardiola believes that his team played a good game against Madrid. “It’s difficult to do an analysis of the match after so many emotions, but I have the impression that we played a good game against a powerful team. We controlled their counterattacks well and they didn't create a lot of danger.” With that said the manager didn’t hide the fact that the defeat to Los Blancos means that Barça are no longer in the running for the title: “a competition that we’ve fought for has slipped away.” Guardiola also highlighted the good football that his players have put in over the past couple of years and the collective attitude of not giving up: “this dignifies them. They are unique.”

The manager also talked about the self-imposed level of expectation the players have place on themselves these past seasons. “There are very few things I can blame on the team. We’ve been on this path for a long time. We had a lot of pressure on us starting in August and we haven’t stopped.” He added, “we can’t expect to always be up to the standard, but it’s a pity that we faltered in the decisive moment.” After conceding very few goal-scoring chances to Madrid and not being on target in front of goal, Guardiola believes that “we gave it our all and because of that these players know that they have me.”

The manager explained that the team suffered a morale blow on Saturday but that on Sunday they will start to prepare for the Champions League match against Chelsea. “I’ll talk to my players on Sunday when things have calmed down, we’ll focus on next week - which means we have to focus on Chelsea.” Guardiola’s objective is to “recuperate the players for Tuesday.” He added, “we hope to recover well and play the game against Chelsea.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)