11 April 2012

The Foundation signs an agreement with Cáritas to promote vocational training for young unemployed

The initiative includes a collaboration agreement in which 50 young people involved in employment programs make placements at the facilities of FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, participated Wednesday in the presentation of the project of Cáritas 'Youth in unemployment', an initiative of the Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona, Lluís Martínez Sistach, on the occasion of his 50 years as a priest. The project, presented at the Archbishop of Barcelona, ​​attended by Cardinal Martinez Sistach and President of RCD Espanyol, Barcelona Ramon, an organization that also works on the project.

President Sandro Rosell believes that FC Barcelona "has to work on serious issues such as unemployment. With this initiative, we want people to realize the social problem is unemployment." For his part, Archbishop Lluís Martínez Sistach appreciates the support of Barça, "which immediately showed its willingness to cooperate with the project." And he has addressed to representatives of FC Barcelona and Espanyol to say "on behalf of all young unemployed and their families, thank you very much."

The 'Youth in unemployment' aims to address the high rates of youth unemployment, which now are above 50%, and offers career counseling, job search, job and language skills to youth at risk social exclusion.

To support this initiative, the FC Barcelona Foundation and Cáritas have signed a collaboration agreement in which 50 young people involved in employment programs of this entity will placements at FC Barcelona facilities maintenance building, warehouse, landscaping and services auxiliaries.

Also, FC Barcelona wants to publicize the campaign 'Youth in unemployment' and for this reason carry out various actions of visibility on this project at the Camp Nou during the league match against Málaga. (via FCBarcelona.cat)