04 April 2012

[Former player] Ibrahimovic: "Now I understand Mourinho when he goes to Camp Nou"

The milanista Zlatan Ibrahimovic was dispatched at ease in a Swedish television after the match.

"Now I understand why Mourinho is set so when it comes to Camp Nou," said azulgrana exdelantero to Swedish television after the match in reference to the two penalties mentioned in favor Barça in Tuesday's match at the Camp Nou.

"I do not understand why the club has to cheat. I can not believe he gave Barça a penalty when the ball was not at stake. Seem to want to have two teams in the same country," he added as he explained 'Catalunya Radio '.

By eliminating them, Ibrahimovic continues his slump in the Champions League, a competition which has not won despite having played in five league championship teams. (via SPORT)