30 April 2012

[Former player] Deco: "Neymar, the level of Messi and Cristiano"

The former Barça player said in an interview with FIFA Neymar falls short of Messi and Cristiano.

One of the key players Barça of Rijkaard, that so many good titles won but ended up in a crisis that led to the signing of Guardiola as coach, is Deco. The player of 34 years gave an interview to FIFA.com.

The Portuguese environment compared Bombonera for Boca in the Camp Nou. Two stages to intimidate the other teams, "teams from other countries came to Camp Nou and intimidated by the size of the stadium, the mystique and the number of people, while Spanish teams and were more accustomed. I think it's same with the Bombonera: Sometimes, some foreign teams that are even better than some Argentines, have more difficulties there because they are impressed with the environment is, indeed, impressive. "

From their position and play on the field, Deco admitted that since childhood has always been responsible for the construction of the plays, and that the global example of this is Barça: "Building a play that ends in goal has always filled me both as dial. course, over time, I also changed my style. not only for having lost in explosion physics and starts, but because I learned a lot about the collective game. A good example is the Barcelona always have great players but nobody ever haggle just for bargain, only when necessary. "

Of course, Deco remembered his time with Rijkaard and the current Barça model of world football paradigm: "Barcelona is a club whose teams vary according to the players, but in that culture does not change. And this concept of playing the ball has reached perfection with Guardiola, who is someone who knows the culture. the big difference with this team is that our players have these characteristics in all positions, while we had about four or five. it's amazing: the most skilled players of Barça do not send the ball up if you may lose, but they touch. And that requires not only quality, too mentality. "

On a future possibility Barça, Neymar says he is at the level of Messi and Cristiano, and it will look when you take the leap to Europe: "Neymar, in my view, already at that level. Has in common with the other two that ability to score so many goals, despite not being a center forward. I think if he were at Real Madrid or Barcelona, it would still more than it does today, because they have better players at his side, a better structure ... We must take into account the proportions: on the one hand, it is clear that the technical level of Brazil does not reach a semifinal of the Champions League of UEFA, but also need to address different problems. it is not easier or more difficult: it is different. Thinking only at the technical level, in my opinion falls short of a Messi or a Cristiano. " (via SPORT)