26 April 2012

[Former coach] Van Gaal congratulates Johan Cruyff

The Dutch coach remembered the former coach of the Dream Team on the day of its 65th anniversary.

On his 65th birthday, received a greeting Johan Cruyff unexpected. It was one of his more illustrious compatriots, also one of its 'enemies' best known, Louis Van Gaal. Former Barcelona coach Johan remembered and was very conciliatory in an advertisement for one of its sponsors published yesterday by the newspapers 'De Telegraaf' and 'Algmemeen Dagblad'. "We've had our disagreements and we have but we also have much in common: love of Ajax, Barcelona and attacking football," the tulip iron. In this sense, Van Gaal reminded the merits of Cruyff and its impact on contemporary football. "Johan was famous Dutch football and was involved at different levels. That deserves respect. "

Remember that earlier this 2012, Cruyff led Ajax to court to prevent Van Gaal to become the Dutch club's sporting director. Now, however, it appears that Van Gaal has buried the hatchet and shown conciliatory to his compatriot. (via SPORT)