05 April 2012

[Former B player] Romeu: "Chelsea has already shown that can win at Barcelona"

The excanterano of Barça admits it will be a very special game for him and for the 'blues'.

The Spanish midfielder of Chelsea Oriol Romeu said that the "blues", which were planted again in a semifinal of the Champions League by beating Benfica (2-1), "and demonstrated" in 2009 that "can win at Barcelona" . Romeu, 20, told Efe after the meeting in which the English sealed his move to semifinals that the English have the expertise to exceed those of Pep Guardiola, as we were on the verge of three seasons ago, when only a goal from Andres Iniesta in the last minute left out the "blues". The Barca excanterano also stressed that the clash against Barcelona will be "special" for him and for the rest of his team. "I have been fortunate to be there, so do a little more than illusion, but a Champions League semi-final is always special for all players, and more against a team like Barcelona," said Romeu. Catalan, whom the now ceased André Villas-Boas gave many opportunities to jump into the grass with Chelsea this season, said that had not been raised to joining the Londoners last summer that would have the opportunity to contest a semifinal league Champions at the Camp Nou. "I signed for Chelsea to grow as a player to improve. That's what I wanted. Not be in a Champions League semifinal, but play games. I want to go slowly," said Romeu.

The young midfielder admitted that the Italian Roberto Di Matteo on the bench has played fewer minutes than with Villas-Boas, dismissed on 4 March after Chelsea lost the league against West Bromwich, at a time in which the Champions League seemed a distant option after yielding a 3-1 against Napoli. "Now I'm having a bit more," said the midfielder, who stressed, however, he feels "very comfortable" in the dressing room at Stamford Bridge. "I feel very comfortable, good training. I think when I will have to play well, and that is important, be comfortable with yourself and wait for your opportunity," said Romeu. Over his rival in the next round of Europe's top competition, Catalan said the Barcelona players "have for many years at a spectacular level." "Do not lose ambition, the will to win, and that's how good they have," said the midfielder, who also warned that while Barcelona is "a high level," also "can win." (via SPORT)