10 April 2012

For Puyol no pain

In seconds, the referee after being warned by the doctor of Zaragoza, was a point to live with a staple.

One of the shocking moments of Saturday's match came when in the second half and after a jump, Carles Puyol made ​​a small gap in front of which was bleeding for a few minutes.

The player immediately realized, but not to force him to leave the pitch and leave his team with ten players, went to the band and Pep Guardiola warned of the circumstances.

He did more than anything that doctors were ready and lose as little time as possible. He then returned to the box waiting for the right time to go to stop the bleeding.

However, the head of the medical services of Real Zaragoza, Óscar Luis Celada, realized that something was going to witness the conversation between 'Puyi' and Pep and to see her colleague Ricard Pruna placed gloves.

After verifying that Puyol was bleeding, went to the fourth official and warned him about it. Turienzo Alvarez was also warned and forced the central brave exit the field. There is also the chance that the doctor of the whole Aragon and Puyol long known as the first is also the doctor who usually accompanies the Spanish national team.

Anyway, so for any other player would of course be a couple of minutes away, for Puyol only lasted 30 seconds. The azulgrana captain ran to the band. Nervous, he sat down and tried to put a plaster, but soon Dr. Pruna stapled his wound while the player he got in a hurry.

"Go, go, go," said Puyol. So, without anesthetic or anything and without a groan, the defender returned to the party. In Zaragoza could not believe what was happening. Then asked about it, the player joked. "Too bad this can not add," he said in the mixed zone of the stadium of La Romareda. (via MD)