26 April 2012

The five challenges of Barça in La Liga

The set of Pep Guardiola has four days to take their last five challenges in league competition.

Without the Champions League and the Copa del Rey final on the horizon, the remaining four games of the season should enable the Barça take five challenges that, despite being seven points behind league finish would make the best possible way.

The first challenge they face is Pep's men seek to overcome the 105 goals scored in the 2008-2009 season. So far, totaling 97 goals and adding an average of two goals per game, could be equated historical figure.

You can also leave in the memory the record scorer in a season. So far 170 goals in total amount and may increase this figure to the league and the Cup final here at the end of May.

The Pep team can battle to become the best place in la Liga after making a fort of Camp Nou. Despite the defeat in the classic, the club has 15 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss at home.

Finally, two players in the squad can round out their season best: Messi and Valdés.

The Argentine is still immersed in the struggle for the top scorer, the golden boot and the world record for goals in a season. So far, does not cease in its struggle with CR7 totaling 42 goals by the 41 goals from Argentine. Who conquers wins the golden boot. But also 'the flea' accumulated 63 goals all season and threatens Gerd Müller who scored 67 in 1973, to date, have signed this world record.

Valdés is also very close to crown with another individual award: Zamora Trophy fifth. Have conceded 26 goals in 34 days while Casillas has been exceeded 30 times. Where to get this awardValdés will equal Ramallets as most successful goalkeeper in history. (via SPORT)