02 April 2012

Ferguson: "It's scary to think how far Messi"

Few coaches have had both the consequences of facing to Barca of Leo Messi. One is the Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, who lost two Champions League finals at the '10' Argentina.

The Scot, one of the oldest and winners of the world, not out of his astonishment at all he has achieved and won the Barça star at a young age. With only 24, Messi has won every major titles at the club level possible: three Champions, five league titles and two World Cups, among others ... And not only that, but it's also the top scorer in the history of azulgrana entity, with 236 points.

"The players are developed and begin to mature when they reach 25 years or so. We've seen it with Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and others. But Messi has not even reached that age yet. Scary to think what might happen, only 24! "Ferguson said in remarks published Sunday on the web 'Mirror Football'. (via SPORT)