28 April 2012

[Ex president] Gaspart: "As culé do not like to go Guardiola"

The ex FC Barcelona president Joan Gaspart talked about Pep Guardiola's farewell of the direction blaugrana coach.

Gaspart analyzed the story from both sides and both with different sensations. "As a ex president and as an ex vice-president of Barça: I understand. I know very well and understand that Pep has made a decision he thinks is good for the club and for him. As culé and is different: I do not like. I like to think that more than 120 years of history of Barca, is the first time in history that a coach leaves us, without us the Catalans want to leave us, "he told the microphones of COPE Barcelona.

The president calls for respect for Pep's successor, Francesc 'Tito' Vilanova. And he was not overly compare Guardiola: "The new coach Tito Vilanova is Pep Guardiola / TitoVilanova. Will the new coach will have its own personality. And Guardiola certainly want your friend Tito Vilanova if anything even better coach than him. " (via SPORT)