25 April 2012

[Ex president] Gaspart: "After losing Liga and Champions Guardiola is obliged to follow"

Joan Gaspart believes that Pep has to continue because now, as "captain" can not abandon "their boat.".

Now more than ever, the ex president of FC Barcelona wants to know what will happen to Guardiola. After the defeat against Chelsea, Joan Gaspart pronunce Guardiola calls on renewal and this has been stressed in the program "Mas Esports' COM Ràdio.

"What I know is that when Guardiola says whether to renew or not," he said. He noted: "The partners of Barça do not deserve to be with the question of whether Coach will not. Has to continue, I hope he stays and that his decision is positive."

And then gave his opinion: "Pep, having lost la Liga and the Champions is more bound than ever with Barça members to throw one out for the future, hope and illusion. Has a moral obligation to continue."

Gaspart was blunt about the renewal of the technician and said that if Pep will "make an ugly" Barça since "the ship's captain can never abandon in a storm."

Regarding the semifinal between Madrid and Bayern was blunt: "" I the blows, or Spanish team and shit. I am a culé antimadridista. What the Madrid blows me. " (via SPORT)