20 April 2012

[Ex players] Carles Rexach and Julio Salinas answer Internet users of MD

On the occasion of el clásico Saturday the two former players of Barça Julio Salinas and Carles Rexach, have been the protagonists of the first video chat where they discussed MD answered questions from our Internet users.

Julio Salinas gives Barça as a favorite and believes that despite the defeat in the Champions League against Chelsea the azulgrana "come right to el clásico and the pressure is on Madrid and another defeat would hit him in the face of the league and around Champions League semis. "

Carles Rexach for his part believes that if "this end up winning the league if Barça is always talk of this league Real Madrid lost" so the same way as Julio Salinas believes that "the pressure is on Madrid."

On the possibilities of winning the league, former azulgrana coach believes that "Barça have this option only to dream, that is to win the match. If Madrid wins or draws la Liga statement "

His forecast for the match is a 2-0 Carles Rexach and Julio Salinas 3-1. (via MD)