23 April 2012

[Ex player] Zola: "All teams are drawn to the football of Barça"

Gianfranco Zola, ex Chelsea player went over the time of the "blues" and azulgrana.

The Italian Gianfranco Zola, ex Chelsea player, gave an interview to El Pais in which he spoke at length about the London club and the club, rivals faced tomorrow in the semifinal round of the Champions League. Zola, who came to see the training site Guardiola, culé is in love with the game, and highlights the work of Pep to get and play football, "emphasize their availability and simplicity when it comes to take me (Guardiola). Has mounted a winning team that plays football so divine. This Barça is good for football. "The Sardinian also been taken with Messi: "There is a player that fascinates me. A very short, left-handed, I think Argentina plays for Barcelona. Seems that is not bad [laughs before saying it is Leo Messi] . Messi aside, I like Giovinco, Giuseppe Rossi, Silva, Özil, Rooney and Mata. "

Zola, who was a classy player, gifted with a great technique and creativity, believes that Chelsea must have patience, and it was a mistake to throw Villas-Boas, although this is because all the teams are drawn to play as Barça: "I think what they want to do now is to change your style of play. the idea of ​​Barça's football attracts all and them. with Villas-Boas had no patience for the results, which were not considered to up to expectations, "he said. (via SPORT)