06 April 2012

[Ex-player] Zenden: "My favorite to win the Champions League is Barça"

The ex-player of FC Barcelona and Chelsea, Bolo Zenden, is favorite to win Barça this season's UEFA Champions League.

Zenden spoke for the program Mas Esports of COMRàdio Barcelona, ​​and had no hesitation in saying that his favorite "to win the Champions League is Barça. Barça is better than Chelsea, Barca has more quality and do not forget that the second match at the Camp Nou and that's a big advantage. "

"The Madrid-Bayern tie of greater equality, I have clear who is going to happen. Bet by the end Madrid would be a galactic why if Barça-Madrid," he said. He added: "A final Barça-Madrid would be a dream, are the two best teams in the moment."

Concerning la Liga, believes it will exblaugrana for Madrid "because it has too many points of advantage."

Finally, on Pep Guardiola said: "When I was playing Guardiola, of course, with his attitude and you could tell he was going to be a coach but no one could think that in its first year won the treble. It's amazing and nobody expected it." (via SPORT)