21 April 2012

[Ex-player] Vitor Baia: "With another Mourinho on the bench for Barça would be a civil war Catalunya-Madrid"

Vitor Baia means that whatever happens this Saturday at the Camp Nou la Liga will not be determined.

Vitor Baia has been forceful in asserting that "if another Mourinho on the bench for Barça would be a civil war between Catalunya and Madrid. In football this is very big and have to be careful especially by violence. There are things more important in life, "he explained. Emphasizing the figure of the Portuguese coach, believes that "Mourinho is very true, says what he thinks is going to death with their players, management makes a great costume. Has been very clever in its infancy being the first coach. Has learned Bobby Robson many things, but even more with Van Gaal. "And as regards Guardiola understands that "Pep is very intelligent, not responding to anything, is with his philosophy, trying to get Barça win."

Speaking to the program Mas Esports of Com Ràdio, Barcelona goalkeeper former spoke of meeting this Saturday. "Tomorrow is the game of the year. I can not go to Camp Nou for personal issues but I was watching the day of Barça 5-0 at Camp Nou. Barcelona is more consistent and stronger than Madrid, but against a coach very intelligent strategy as Mourinho does not know that can happen. "What is clear is that the Portuguese "will be decided tomorrow league games still to be decided upon."

Moving on, Baia spoke of his relationship with Van Gaal. "Do not I have a grudge, but we never talked about what happened in Barcelona. I wish someday explain what happened to me not to give me an opportunity to continue making history at the club. I'm not bitter, if I see Van Gaal greet him. "

Finally, on Barça, admits that "for me has been an honor to play in a club like Barcelona and I have a great affection to people. Was a shame that with the arrival of Van Gaal things were not good. The Barça is in my heart. " (via SPORT)