18 April 2012

[Ex-player] Txiki: "We had to choose between Mourinho and Guardiola"

The former Barça sporting director acknowledges that probed Mourinho, but knowledge of culture of Barça and environment Pep was the azulgrana bench.

Txiki Begiristain made ​​a statement to Sky Sports in which he recalled that decisive moment when Barça after two years of drought, had to choose between Guardiola and Mourinho: "Pep was an excellent player. From the base, the cantera, so it was easy to understand the system and philosophy that we implemented, the optimal win games. he could come Mourinho, contacted him, but Guardiola knew exactly what and how Barcelona also had the advantage of knowing by heart the media , the famous surroundings. was ahead of Mourinho. "

In the end, the results have given reason to Begiristain, ex player and former sporting director, and his signing decisive ls club's history: "We decided that Pep could be a good coach for a great team and after a year found that the results were excellent, with the style and improved system Rijkaard. "

On el clásico, Basque believes that the only chance of winning Madrid at the Camp Nou is "playing against", and how much will depend on the decision of Mourinho: "Play with Diarra, Khedira and Alonso, or Özil and Kaka? That's the important decision of Mou ". (via SPORT)