19 April 2012

[Ex player] Schuster: "Now I would have liked to send me to my second or my third at the press conference"

The German Bernd Schuster expressed his opinion about el Clásico on Saturday and said seen Guardiola renewed.

The German Bernd Schuster microphones went through the stands of Ona FM and left, as is usual with him, juicy headlines about Barca and Madrid. El clásico Saturday at the Camp Nou, Schuster believes that Mourinho will go to draw, that if successful it will have everything at hand and that if he wins the league is over, "Barça and Madrid are tired, is normal. The draw will goes to Madrid, the victory would be final. I do not see Mourinho coming to win, not risk, never done well in games. Losing la Liga in Madrid and would be disastrous, and the 10 points were exaggerated, it is more real ".

The German had words for Mourinho, both critical praise: "Mourinho is the coach that does not depend on the results. And I love the Portuguese press conferences, because I would have liked to send me to my second my third ... as it is organized the Madrid and the power of the club, I do not go. "De Guardiola said see you at Barça next year: "I see no reason to not continue. Although, yes, Guardiola's replacement would have to be an alien who pays the piper, then comes a Spanish"

Finally, made ​​his mark in the form of opinion about what he represents for this boat: "It's amazing. It has everything. It is 100%. I had never seen a team play so well and so successful. Can not ask for more ". (via SPORT)