17 April 2012

[Ex player] Ronaldo: "This Barça is a great team"

The ex player of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Ronaldo Nazario de Lima gives up the game of Guardiola.

Madridsta dedicated to the cause, the ex Barça player to the 96-97 season orders for Bobby Robson told the FIFA website and spared no praise for the club with very unsympathetic. "I am I like merengue and how is playing Madrid, but you can leave out the Barcelona is a great team," said the Brazilian.

Ronaldo recognized the virtues of Barça, he said, "may not do spectacular things but makes it look so simple. All players know what they do, at all times, in each sector, their ability to have the ball at the feet the patience with which they play to reach the opposite goal. it note the great work done by Guardiola. "

"This team is one of the best I've seen in my 35 years. It pains me to admit, with Real Madrid, but I think we can equal them out some titles this year," pointed out some optimism that Barça and Madrid forward.

And he justified his passion for the club blanco, "I remember fondly my time at Real Madrid, I think it was the best part of my career. I also liked the Inter fond with the team and the city of Milan. Everywhere I went, I made many friends and I had a great time. "

In an interview with FIFA.com, Ronaldo spoke of Neymar as the "most talented" of representatives of the latest generation of Brazilian players, although he believes that his successor is the player's Internacional de Porto Alegre Leandro Damiao. "He's tall, strong, very good scorer, with his head and working with both feet." (via SPORT)