09 April 2012

[Ex player] Luis Figo: "Barça has been a passion of my life"

Luis Figo admits that seeing Barça play now is a pleasure and does not favor the choice between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

Luis Figo is in Brazil, to present their project "DreamFootball", which aims to help children and young people around the world find a place in football. And on the occasion of his visit gave an interview to Lancenet.

For starters, Figo talked about the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid. "I have enormous affection for all the clubs he played, Sporting, Barcelona, Madrid and Inter. Now, my club is Inter. Job at Inter and defend my club in all situations. Barcelona and Madrid were two major moments and passions of my life and consider myself privileged to have played in both. the rivalry was always very intense and it gives more flavor to football. Currently the two are very close and is extremely hard to tell who is stronger. in the league Real Madrid has a considerable advantage in the Cup is Barcelona who is in the final and the Champions are both good. For me the two are very strong and who wins with this is football. "

When assessing who is better right now if Barcelona or Madrid, replied that "it is always very subjective answer questions about what is the best team or best player, because it has much to do with the time of each club, of rivals and of course the number of titles that conquest. I can say is it's a great pleasure to watch Barça play. He's very talented individual and a big shiny collective. "

Finally, neither got wet when choosing between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. "My decision would be to have them to the two on my team. Two fantastic players and completely different. As regards the comparisons, as in the previous question has to do with the individual moment of each team and titles winning " (via SPORT)