23 April 2012

[Ex player] Koeman: "I was shocked to see the approach of Chelsea against Barça"

The ex azulgrana harshly criticized the tactical system applied by Roberto Di Matteo in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Barca.

Ronald Koeman, legend azulgrana and current coach of Feyenoord, sent his support to Barcelona for the dispute around the semifinals of the Champions League against Chelsea and roundly criticized the ultra-defensive system that exhibited the Blues on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge in statements published by British media.

"As a coach, would not allow my team were playing as he did for Chelsea against Barça," he said. "I saw the Chelsea defending for 90 minutes and I was horrified to see that no attempt to play anything else," he added, for sentencing that "I have no admiration for Chelsea's approach."

In fact, the hero of the first European Cup of Barça wanted to remember that despite the ultra-defensive approach, Chelsea was about to fit more than one goal: "Let's face it, Barça could have won easily in London."

Koeman showed preference to the dispute of the second leg when considering that he expects "that football is the winner this week and the team bet more good play by reaching the final." "It's time for Chelsea to propose something else and not settle for Barça sit and wait the whole game," claimed. (via SPORT)