24 April 2012

[Ex player & coach] Cruyff: "I think that Barça will pass"

The Dutch coach is optimistic about the possibility of being in Munich and predicts the best version of 'Pep Team'.

The last two defeats against Chelsea and Real Madrid do not hesitate to Johan Cruyff. For the Dutch, Barcelona is still the favorite to go in Munich despite the favorable result for Chelsea in the first leg. Johan was blunt in his column in 'De Telegraaf': "I still think Chelsea will overtake Barcelona."

Understands the Dutch that the last two meetings of the Barcelona does not have to affect the game today. Cruyff expects the best version of 'Pep Team' by the British at the Camp Nou. "Although Barcelona have lost the last two games, I expect another good team match at the Camp Nou."

Also Johan wanted to clarify the differences between the performance of the Blaugrana at Stamford Bridge and performance against Madrid. For Cruyff are two very different parties and where, especially in the English stage, Guardiola deserved a better fate. "You can not compare the loss to Madrid with what happened against Chelsea. Barcelona created many times in London, but failed. Against Madrid was less likely and things went wrong. "The extécnico the 'Dream Team' displays a game with many options for Barcelona at the Camp Nou today. The Dutchman believes Barça key stays true to form and use their weapons against the English standard. In this context, planning a game favorable to the interests of the azulgrana set. "I am convinced that Barcelona will have many occasions in the second leg. I do not think that Barcelona fail again as in the first leg, "he said. The Dutch expert ligueras comebacks in his time as coach of Barcelona, ​​living trusts tonight one of those days that are remembered for a long time. (via SPORT)