13 April 2012

The directive polls the renewal of Puyol

The club will poll the environment centre-back to its plans for the future. The goal is to hang up the boots dress azulgrana.

Barcelona has already moved part of the renewal of Puyol. The centre back his contract ends in June 2013 and the club azulgrana wants to expand the relationship with the footballer, which is already made ​​known to the player's agent. Contacts have already been started but both the player as Barcelona took time to get the best deal possible. Understand Zubizarreta, Barça's sporting director, it would be good for the club to end his career at Barcelona and the feeling you have is that Puyi is for the work.

The centre-back is delighted with his role in 'Pep Team', which is a key player in the team's defensive gear, and Guardiola has only praise for a player of legend. Barcelona already has its particular Maldini. "He says he wants to play until 40. Not bad, huh?. Depends solely on him. For as caring for and living the profession, until his physical will say enough. With this prodigious physical will and the people of La Pobla because your body will decide, "said the coach.

The centre back will be 35 on June 2013 but no doubt still has physical and motivation to continue at the highest level. Nor did his teammates. "The key to Puyi is playing with the motivation of youth," said Cesc in the mixed zone. Also the younger generation what a player is capital. For young people is a mirror for football level and commitment to the club. "I made ​​a special illusion to coincide with Puyol on the computer. For me has always been a benchmark, "says Muniesa, which came against Getafe in the final minutes. It is not the only one subsidiary that is set to Puyol. So do Bartra and Sergi Gómez, azulgrana captain with the same eyes that made Carles with Maldini.

In the first team there are many who admire the constancy of the master and the new hallucinate with him despite the good reputation that precedes it. "I see him running and I feel like running to me too," says Alexis. Thiago also admires the central and understand that this is a capital player in the locker room. "He's a character that motivates us, going to balls that no one could get. There is a dependency, but it is a vital player for the team. "At 34, Puyol remains the same in the field, but has learned to tune out most of the football in his spare time. The arrival of Piqué, a brother to him, was very important in this regard. Gerard is one that believes it will not be easy to fill the void the day you leave. "I can not imagine, but it will happen. Puyi has taught me much, "he said in an interview to 'El Pais'. They form one of the best couples avenues of world football. Also this season. A course that Puyol is being wild again on defense. Right back. Left back. Central. No matter if a defense of three or four. He is always ready.

The best Puyol is back after a season, 2011-12, in which he had to deal with a serious injury that dogged much of the season. (via SPORT)