15 April 2012

Di Matteo is an advantage to Barça

The Blues play against Tottenham today's FA Cup semi-final, which the Italian sees as "a disadvantage for English clubs."

Roberto di Matteo, Chelsea since he was dismissed Villas-Boas, complains of the calendar that the Football Association submitted to the English teams. The Italian believes that out clearly affected compared to its rivals in Europe.

The Blues play today at 18.00 against Tottenham's FA Cup semi-final, three days before receiving the FC Barcelona at Stamford Bridge. Although the difference is not noticeable 'the blaugrana played yesterday at 22 hours', Di Matteo believes that we must rethink the theme "Planning for the season start of the competition needs to be revised and changed to not happen again in the future, "he argued. The coach explained that "the English teams have no advantage when European competitions, so we must check to have better planning."

However, the preparer is convinced that Chelsea has the tools to stand up to Pep Guardiola and his players are considered ready to spring a surprise against the blaugrana: "It's great to have players who are so experience in special occasions. For them, there will be a game of nerves because I have lived in many situations and semifinals and finals and all that helps. "A good result today that will allow them to reach the final, where they hoped Liverpool can also serve to tackle the semifinals of the Champions League with optimism: "A good result would be good for us." (via SPORT)