28 April 2012

Del Bosque: "Pep Guardiola has made a decision from the heart and I wish him well"

The coach Vicente del Bosque has been reported in Pedro Bernardo (Ávila) to Pep Guardiola progress alluding to is a "personal decision" that he understands: "The decision-understand and I wish him well."

Del Bosque has made these statements to journalists during the visit he made to this town of about 1,000 inhabitants, located south of the province of Ávila, where he has been invited by the Council to meet these people and participate in a talk.

The national team has done a tour of this town known as "El balcón del Tiétar" and signed in the Book of the City, referred to farewell Guardiola, without going into too much detail because it is "a personal decision ". "What you do is well done," he added, and then, after being asked if he understands the decision made by saying: "Of course I understand and I wish him well." "It has taken a decision as barcelonista and nothing but accept what he has done, because he has done from the heart and from what he thinks is best for him and for Barcelona," has held national football coach, after City Council receive a gift with typical local products. On the contrary, has refused to comment on the appointment of Tito Vilanova as his successor in office, because he said not to be "no one to enter the clubs own decisions."

As to whether the elimination of Barça and Real Madrid in the semifinals of the Champions benefit or harm the Spanish National Team, Vicente del Bosque has been emphatic in stating that "undoubtedly damaging" to the national team. "I wish I would have continued and both teams have played in the final," he argued Del Bosque, who considered that both teams "have deserved it."

It has also considered a "surprise" that this would not have occurred because his point of view "are the best." In his opinion, "not the same train to let go during the season, to be ready until the last day to the final of the Champions", reflected on the impact that the elimination of Madridistas and barcelonistas in this international competition on Selecting performance. (via SPORT)