27 April 2012

Commotion in the Barça dressing room

The players still can not imagine a Barça without Guardiola, the coach to have won it all.

The two days of rest granted by Pep Guardiola after removal against Chelsea have been largely marked by the blaugrana coach's future.

Although the players tried to disconnect, it was impossible to completely disengage today.

The continuity or departure of his coach affects them so directly, with more or less intensity, followed by news and rumors that were appearing at an accelerated rate during the day yesterday.

The first reaction was widespread astonishment. The locker room has always maintained the same confidence indoors to publicly demonstrate on the renewal of Santpedor. Therefore, as different media and social networks spread widely felt that Pep has decided to end his time on the bench, the players responded with disbelief.

The principal reason that the players had lost faith in the renewal of Guardiola was focused on the implication that continued to show day after day. The coach has responded to the foot of all the training field with maximum intensity. His dedication was absolute transmitting still looking forward to the players. This enthusiasm seemed to indicate that Pep wanted continar least one more year at the helm, but his destination points away.

The erosion of four years of living in a professional clothing is inevitable and Guardiola could have detected it was time to depart to let another coach getting another boost. A way out of time before it is evident that the wear would refine the project and give a different shape.

Pep would go with the basic work done with the spine renewed and guaranteed the rise of the youth of the subsidiary and Bartra, Montoya or Muniesa. The team is established and should be the new coach to decide the adjustments that were appropriate in relation to their game plan.

In any case, waiting for who would be the substitute, clothing knows that Pep all had their share of ownership to be a short staff and now there would be a period of uncertainty.

Players will leave doubts in training this morning. At ten are scheduled to train from eleven. During that hour will be when Guardiola probably talk to them and inform them of his farewell. (via SPORT)