25 April 2012

Cesc: “We were loyal to our style of play”

The Azulgrana midfielder thanked the fans for their support and he said that tonight’s defeat was “a hard blow” for the players.

Cesc advised his teammates to look forward and to think about the “last four games of the Liga and the final of the King’s Cup”.

The FC Barcelona players are disappointed that they didn’t make it to the Champions League final. “It’s a painful way to go out because we were superior. The result in Stamford Bridge is what did us in,” said Cesc Fàbregas after the match. When Barça went up 2-0 the team had its sights set on Munich, however Chelsea scored two goals from two chances and killed off the tie. The Azulgrana midfielder said that “we played a great game, we dominated and we created a lot of chances. We didn’t sacrifice our style.”

“It’s painful to be eliminated this way, seeing that we had a lot of chances to score,” said a very up-front Cesc, who added “it’s a very hard blow.” The midfielder, however, reassured hit teammates and Barça fans that “we have to hold our heads high” and that next year “we’ll have the chance to do important things.” He added that the players have shown “that they can better themselves.”

The players must look forward and think about “the last four games in La Liga and the King’s Cup final.” Fàbregas said that it’s too early to make a judgement on his team’s season and that “we have to keep looking forward. We have to react quickly, even if it’s only for our fans.”

Despite the defeat, the midfielder congratulated the supporters for their amazing attitude and for cheering on the team. “I’ve never seen the Camp Nou like that after a defeat,” said Cesc. He added that Barça “are a big team” because it has incredible “players, managers and fans.”

Here are the statements made by the some of the players on Twitter after the match:

Isaac Cuenca

“We fought until the end. Fans, I’m very sorry. We’ll pick ourselves up with your help #forçabarça”


“It’s a difficult and hard moment. We did everything to be in the Munich final, but it wasn’t meant to be...”


“I’d like to thank all the Culés for your support and, at the same time, apologize for what happened. We tired but it wasn’t meant to be”. (via FCBarcelona.com)