06 April 2012

Cassano: "Barça is unbeatable, only earns them a volcano"

The former Madrid distanced himself from accusations of whites and praised the play of Barcelona.

The Milan player Antonio Cassano received the best news of his life this week, despite the elimination of his team at the hands of Barça. After the October 29 suffered a mild cerebral ischemia by a heart defect, which had to be operated, Italy forward this week received permission to re-dress short. In addition to the news for his recovery, exmadridista has also had its share media after branching off the mentality of the exequipo, which this week again accused to Barça of having the favor of arbitration.

In an interview in 'Studio Sport', Cassano Praises game Pep Guardiola is cleared of the charges of the white team. "What Mourinho said to be hard to beat Barca at home? Sure, it's difficult because they are stronger than others, these arguments are invented some, put the characters you want to appear in the film, "said Italian impetus to defend the Catalan squad.

He added that "Barça is unbeatable, they can only win with a volcano that requires them to travel by bus for 40 hours," alluding to the playoff semifinals two seasons ago when Barça fell against Inter, after see their plans altered by the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull.

Upon his successful recovery, the forward who once confessed, "I was afraid to die and I would never play football, but now that I close my return to a level playing field." In recent months, he has lived his particular ordeal to get ahead, and he did it thanks to his inner circle and displays of affection from the entire football community, "during the 36 hours before the operation did not understand , could not speak. "Cassano received calls from around the world, Barça and Madrid made ​​contact with him to cheer him, "Iniesta called me, I realized how many people were worried about me as a person, not as a player" and says that if at any the field will not mind whistle "I am happy because all the fans have realized what was happening."

But fear not over, now the player will not be afraid to level and have to leave, "and if I'm okay, fine, if I realize that I'm not good back home, do not want anyone to feel sorry me for what happened to me. " (via SPORT)