11 April 2012

Busquets: "We did our work, which was to win"

Sergio Busquets says the team has done everything in their power to shorten the disadvantage on the leader and not look beyond. "Some time ago that every game is a final."

"We did our work, which was to win. This was in our hands. The rest can not do anything."

"Both the team and I are fine. We have a very positive dynamic," said Sergio Busquets in the press conference after training on Wednesday. There are still 10 days to el clásico azulgrana midfielder prefer to go step by step: "We first thought in the Levante, which is the next opponent. It is a very difficult, we will find a team that is doing a great season." "We have long since every match is a final. The Real Madrid game will be important because it is a direct duel," has recognized the '16' Barça.

"Right now is a point behind, which can again be four this Wednesday. We too had had similar benefits in previous years. We have the right pressure," said Busquets on the current situation in the league. "Before there is a big rival. I think they have a privileged position because they are the leaders. We did our work, which was to win. This etaba in our hands. The rest can not do anything," added the midfielder. "Do not change anything because the situation is what it is. What I like is to be leaders, as in recent years."

For Busquets, the challenge is to go step by step and work daily to cut points: "This team has always been regular." "I think you always run. Never can we blame lack of attitude or commitment," said one of the holders against Getafe on Tuesday. An effort that is not incompatible with happiness: "It is also essential. It means that things are going well."

The azulgrana footballer, which ensures that every day learn more, still will not look beyond. "All seasons have been almost unbeatable. At the beginning of course you can not think where ever you be at this point in time, but you can work to stay alive in all competitions." "What is fun is to reach the final and win the title and work to get it," he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.cat)