01 April 2012

Bielsa: "The result just seemed totally"

The rojiblanco coach refused to blame his team's defeat to physical exhaustion after Thursday's meeting in Europa League and praised the offensive potential of Barcelona.

The Argentine coach of Athletic Marcelo Bielsa, acknowledged at a news conference that "the result just seemed totally" and would not attribute the defeat of his team encounter the fatigue of Europa League.

Bielsa criticized the play of his team, especially complained bitterly about the lack of depth of their own after stealing the ball on defense. "We played a little better the second time, in any case as equals, we defended very well, but the recovery of the ball was followed by the organization of an attack," said the Argentine, who lamented that the rojiblanco "lost the ball before the attack and if the men of Barca's offensive in normal conditions are dangerous in these conditions is very difficult to neutralize. "

Asked whether the blame for this lack of depth in his team was motivated by fatigue, Bilbao coach denied such an extent: "I agree the problem, but not the reason behind the problem, the club is a team that has a power players that goes beyond the physical circumstances of the moment, are very fast, very powerful and it is hard to beat if the ball is divided. not only attacks but defensive cracks open. physically I saw the team run as long as no attribute our lack of depth to attack a physical problem. " (via AS)