15 April 2012

The best and the worst of Levante-Barça

BEST: La Liga, walking. Barça kept the pulse with Madrid after successfully settling one of the toughest games he had left. He almost wrecked the title and final goodbyes. But the comeback with two goals from Messi in the last half hour, did justice to the merits of a team that never gave up. Of having lost everything, went to put the league on fire. The Mourinho also failed and continue to four points. But next Saturday visit the Camp Nou. The dream of 'Tenerife XXI century "is more alive than ever.

WORST: Lack of success in the auction. Barça was complicated a game that could be peaceful if it materialized some of their good chances early. The team performed at a high level. In defense, the mean and attack. But, inexplicably, he had to appeal to the epic. At 1-0, the lift is locked Guardiola back and saw no way to break the lock up after the break. No one better for this than a 'locksmith' infallible: Leo Messi. There are none that can resist. Two golitos more ... and there are already 41 in the league. There is nothing. (via SPORT)