01 April 2012

The best and the worst of the Barça-Athletic

BEST: A Barça overwhelming. Barca not dosed forces despite the imminence of mourning on Tuesday against Milan in the Champions League. Guardiola gave their all, proving that not giving up anything. Neither the League nor to defend his European scepter. The team performed at a high level, making an impressive physical waste. The overall level was very high. Special mention for Mascherano back, Busquets in the half and Alexis and Messi in the forward. Superlatives.

WORST: Lack of success in a point. The end came up short 2-0 to the merits of Barça. The team suffered from a defect that is repeated on a recurring basis this season. If transformed into a goal half the clear chances it generates, the triufos would be a scandal. (via SPORT)