16 April 2012

Beckenbauer: "Madrid doesn't have the dimension of the Barça"

The honorary president of Bayern Munich, Franz Beckenbauer, considers his rival in the Champions League on Tuesday as "standard equipment" and away from the dimension that has Barça.

"I watched the Real Madrid in the Champions League. It is standard equipment, a great team, but normal. Everything is working and there is the incredible lightness of Barcelona," Beckenbauer said in a digital platform program 'Sky'.

Looking to the Champions League semifinal against Real Madrid, Beckenbauer said that although it is a disadvantage that the round is played in Munich, his team has a good chance of winning if you play your best football.

Beckenbauer cited the second half against Borussia Dortmund, although the match ended in defeat: "The measure should be the second time against Dortmund. If Bayern played well, can be imposed," he said. (via SPORT)