04 April 2012

"Barca, with a little help"

The "rage" of Milan "furious" because the second and "doubtful" penalty awarded to Barcelona resounds on the covers of the Italian press.

"Barça with a little help," the newspaper headlines on the cover of the country's best-selling sports, "La Gazzetta dello Sport", which states that, although Barça deserved the semifinal, "the second penalty given by referee changed the game." And one of the writers of the Milan daily on the cover says: "I would like to see how the match would have gone if he had gone to the second half with the 1-1 on the scoreboard."

"Euro Rabia" continues the newspaper in your internal pages to talk about the second penalty whistled to Alessandro Nesta for overthrow Busquets, "but because it Puyol blocks the Italian, who fell upon the enemy." That's no secret that the very "Gazzetta" recognize that the 17 shots on goal against of Barça two milanistas "prevent the episode invoke arbitration."

In fact, a survey of the medium itself makes clear the views of readers. To the question "If the referee had not awarded the second penalty, Milan had had hopes of qualifying?", 67% of readers said "no".

Diaries also collected the anger of Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his words that assured understanding Mourinho at their grievances for arbitration.

"Milan furious" for his part called the newspaper "Corriere dello Sport" due to "a penalty that did not exist" even though the Milan "was mastered." The Roman daily highlights the words of coach milanista, Massimiliano Allegri, who said that the second penalty "gift" given the push I needed Barça.

"Milan eliminated and angry," headlined the daily "Corriere della Sera", although recognizing that the second penalty was "fatal", Barcelona proved its superiority. Also the "Corriere della Sera" gives space to the more angry of all, Ibra, and his phrase about "Mourinho's anger when playing at the Camp Nou."

Also Barbara Berlusconi, daughter of the owner and president of the club, reported that the arbitrator "conditioned the meeting" to give a penalty nonexistent. (via SPORT)