02 April 2012

Barça, with the eleventh gala against Milan

Pep Guardiola will be in good condition at his most crucial to address the crucial match against Milan tomorrow at the Camp Nou.

Barça will be in the best hands in addressing vital that should lead you to the semifinals of the Champions League. Guardiola will align its eleventh gala to defeat AC Milan in a match where victory alone is worth to continue the road to Munich and brilliantly defending the title won last season at Wembley.

Cesc Fàbregas recovery is vital for the Santpedor make up his team brighter. Especially, Arenys de Mar you can mark significant superiority in midfield, the main point in which this boat is supported to make a difference.

Xavi, Iniesta and Cesc should accelerate the pace of the game for AC Milan have to make a sobresfuerzo which is not used in attack and holes appear regularly. The rapid recoveries in the attacking of Sergio Busquets will help the ball is almost always at the foot of the 'gamers' and they can spread very quickly.

To complete the advantage in midfield, Guardiola can always add two parts. The first and foremost is Leo Messi. The Argentine can be downloaded at any time and be a crazy new midfielder to return to the Italians. Starting from the back can also find more space in an area presumed milanista very populated.

The second piece that can contribute to the wide area is Dani Alves. The versatility of brsasileño allows embedded in more advanced positions depending on the needs of the equipment. Even if the bolt is very sharp Milan, Alves could abandon the defense and it would be defined by three stations with the mission to stop Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The defense of three, in this case would consist of the three defenders in better shape: Piqué, Puyol and Mascherano. The captain shut down from the left flank. It would be left back when Guardiola wanted to play with a back four and is the third core if the technician decides to risk more.

The network would be completed in attack with the mobility of Alexis Sánchez, whose dynamism to create confusion among the Rossoneri defense. The great benefit of their uncheck must be players who come from the second line and, of course, Leo Messi.

This alignment is that Guardiola has been used in the major events this season with only one enforced change. Mascherano comes in place of Eric Abidal modifying only the rehabilitation of Puyol on the left to perform the duties of French and Argentine commanding from the rear axle.

Guardiola opted for this block in the most crucial games of the season, as were the three classic against Real Madrid, the Bernabeu in the league, and both of the Copa del Rey in the quarter-final duel. Barça overcame, as in the Clubs World Cup final against Santos, when Pep also risked seeking advantage from the center of the field, must also change and exaggerating the presence of gamers' how was the Thiago entry for the injured Alexis Sánchez.

Guardiola may align their strongest team and the players in good form. Iniesta showed strength against Athletic majestic Xavi was reserved to the locals to show their best reportorio morning, like Carles Puyol, whose speed is basic to slow the cons Italian. All these must be added to Gerard Piqué, who is in an encouraging upward trend and the players they have multiplied to such far-reaching commitments.

The gear seems fine-tuned so that Barça is the machine that has won worldwide admiration for his great football. His play fluid, fast and combinative on a lawn in good condition as it should be the Camp Nou is almost impossible to dismast. The team knows it and if you jump into the field with the same attitude on Saturday against Athletic, AC Milan suffer much to contain barcelonistas attacks.

Barça want to overwhelm and finish the work led by Leo Messi. The Argentine is the top scorer in the Champions League with 12 goals and wants to make history in the competition more appealing on the planet. (via SPORT)