18 April 2012

Barça will come out with the eleventh gala

Guardiola will not let anything on the bench and come out with all sacred cows in search of victory.

The moment of truth. Now there is no turning back. Any trip you left out an entire Champions League final. Faced with such a juncture, Guardiola will field its eleventh gala, with the only question in the tactical, whether bet on Cesc Fàbregas in midfield or finally do it for Seidou Keita. It all depends on whether Blaugrana coach wants to give more relevance to the muscle and African packaging to contain the physical play Chelsea or finally chooses the ordered chaos and styling of the squad in the game.

The rest of the team seems clearly determined. So is Víctor Valdés in goal, the defense will consist of Alves, Piqué, Mascherano and Puyol. Stand out in any case that two such important players at the back like Puyol and Mascherano are the penalty card. In any case, Guardiola himself said in London that does not think in any case possible sanctions but on what is best for the game tonight.

In midfield there are two men who have their place guaranteed: Sergio Busqutes and Xavi Hernández. The third will depend on whether finally committed Keita or Cesc. Iniesta also could delay the core, so then it would be Cesc who could play in the band or even as if finally midfielder to be played in diamond in midfield.

In the attack two other names indisputable: Messi and Alexis. The only option to let Pedro sacrifice would be if either were playing Cesc plus Keita, Iniesta leaving third place in midfield. Would in any case, a much riskier bet in search of offensive and open up the field in order to score a goal in any case a priority when you play away from home in the Champions League.

Players like Adriano, Cuenca or Tello would be on the bench as possible revolting or jump to the field as the team's needs at any given time.

What is clear is that Guardiola has almost the first time in 2012 with virtually the entire workforce, with the exceptions of David Villa, Eric Abidal and Andreu Fontàs. Has recovered to Dutch Ibrahim Afellay and also to Alves and Piqué who dragged paths hamstring discomfort in his left leg.

No doubt this is the best way to tackle the final stretch of the season, Barcelona are still very much alive in three competitions to be contested. (via SPORT)