29 April 2012

Barça to other challenges in Vallecas

Although the league is lost except white catastrophe, Barça still has several incentives for those who continue to struggle this season.

Barça close the day league to beginning at 21:30 to the Ray de José Ramón Sandoval, in a game that, after the defeat against Real Madrid last week, has no a priori much incentive.

However, the team has reason to keep stepping on the accelerator: the four remaining league games still must serve to prepare the cup final next month. Second, the team has to spend a good end of season Pep Guardiola, who will leave technical his beloved club after four years he has reinvented football and achieved countless titles.

At the individual level, there are two players who can keep building records, cases of Messi and Valdés. The Argentine, who added 41 points in the league this season, choose the top scorer while goalkeeper can match Ramallets if he wins his fourth 'Zamora' followed.

Messi also has a greater challenge. The '10 'has scored 63 goals in all competitions and is only four of 67 of those who scored at the time Gerd Müller with Bayern Munich in the season 1972-1973. Five games that can make even bigger. (via SPORT)