13 April 2012

Barça make a transfer pump this summer

Barça have on your list to four names among those who elect to transfer stellar 2012-2013.
Bale and Van Persie are international options, but attentive to the way Basque: Javi Martínez and Muniain.

Barça already working on a template reinforcements in itself very difficult to improve the quality of a championship team. But there are always areas for strengthening and that the club azulgrana is now focusing its efforts on finishing the season fighting for three titles, yet without neglecting the planning of next year.

In the Barça 2012-2013 will transfer pump, make no mistake. In principle, get out of a list that runs the club with four big names. Both are from the Premier League, Gareth Bale and Robin van Persie, and the other two are the sensation of the year with Athletic, Javi Martínez and Iker Muniain.

Logically, unless their status as players have nothing to do with each other in terms of tactical performance. And as the economic context is one that is, the equation between market and technical need tell which of them can land at the Camp Nou.

The amount that the Barça prepares to sign around 50 million euros, it would have to add any transfers. The greedy pieces of the market is not cheap, exactly.

The first one, Bale is a very long journey left back who plays for Tottenham. His attacking qualities like much in a while, but Barça has always considered that district was covered with Éric Abidal flawlessly until it was confirmed that the French had to stop again.

Circumstances force and Bale is more like the lefty market. His problem is under contract with Tottenham until 2015 and that its value exceeds 35 million euros. Its advantage is that Bale just said that "if I called the Barça, I hear."

Van Persie is a temptation on the market. The Dutch top scorer in the Premier League takes months and months stalling Arsenal to renew his contract, which expires in 2013. Its disadvantage is in the 28 years of his ID.

The Basque route also takes account of Barça. A Javi Martínez is seen as the alter ego ideal of Sergio Busquets, capable of exercising midfield or central. A contract until 2016, a buyout clause of 40 million and the little will to do Athletic rebates are their problem.

The same is true of Muniain, the star also plays Athletic 'to Barça'. The skilful playmaker is under contract until 2015 and a progressive clause that would reach 45 million. (via MD)