11 April 2012

Barça 2012/13 pre-season in Europe

The Club has decided that the next pre-season will be based locally, with four or five friendly games to be held in Europe.

The aim is to counterbalance the accumulation of games over the last few season and take into account the extra effort needed for the European Championships and Olympic games.

FC Barcelona will make his preseason 2012/13 mainly in Europe, with the dispute of four or five commitments already planned and friendly to be fulfilled.

As an exceptional measure, the Club considers it necessary for this summer preseason format that combines local and stay friendly matches.

The aim is to offset the intense burden accumulated by the template matches in recent seasons and the extra effort for many players will dispute the next editions of the European Championships and the Olympics.

FC Barcelona wants to thank fans from all over the world to our first team to visit their countries and is committed to continue approaching them on tour in the coming years. (via FCBarcelona.cat)