06 April 2012

Barça increased his lead over Real Madrid in the world ranking of clubs

Barça, which ended March with 7 wins and a draw from their 8 games delivered (6 Champions League and 2), continues to lead the world ranking of clubs, now with 76-point lead (382 to 306) on Real Madrid (6 wins, 2 draws), which in turn remains second in full countdown of classic Spanish league at Camp Nou and a possible Champions League final between the two 'big'.

At the end of February 2012, the difference between Barcelona and Real was 57 points: eleven Pep has distanced therefore the archrival in 19 points, reflecting clear that azulgrana go for broke. Remember also that Barça which last only 'pitched' at San Siro (0-0), this sum with its 43 º lead part in the classification of the IFFHS (International Federation of Football History and Statistics), a record which records all of the supremacy of the currently considered the best team in the world, proclaimed 'king of the World' in 1997, 2009 and 2011.

Special mention should Atletico Madrid, who has jumped from 15th to 7th place (248 points), while, Athletic, which was 22 °, Figure 12 º (222) and Valencia, which was 32 °, is 20 ° (202) , just behind the next European rival Barcelona, Chelsea, 19th with 204 points. The sets that far apart from blaugrana and 'meringues' complete the 'top 10' are Veléz (3 º / 287 points), University of Chile (4 º / 273), Bayern Munich (5 º / 257), the Saints Neymar (6 ° / 252 ) Manchester United (8 º / 241), Manchester City (9 º / 233) and Schalke and Universidad Católica de Chile, tied for 10th place with 224 points. (via MD)