02 April 2012

Barça has never lost when Iniesta marked

Andrés Iniesta you confirms as the great talisman of Barça. If he, marks, the team doesn't lose.

As reported by the official website of FC Barcelona, where Andres Iniesta mark, the team doesn't loses. Specifically, there are now 38 games in which the manchego and they marked the team has achieved 35 wins and 3 draws, but no losses. And so does Andrew by the Spanish selection. He has scored in 11 games, sold off 10 wins and 1 draw.

The Saturday was a special game for the squad midfielder. There are now 53 consecutive league matches in which knows no defeat. And if anything is missing, the goal against Athletic was number 50 on his football career, marked with Barça 39 and 11 with the Spanish team.

Finally, as we reported after the game, Iniesta has played 397 games with the Barça shirt. With this mark, equal to Quimet Rifé and placed in the Top Ten players with more games played in Barcelona. (via SPORT)