24 April 2012

Barça-Chelsea: The Challenge of the champion

Barça will go with everything to overcome the 1-0 at Chelsea to play their third Champions League final in four years.
The Camp Nou is filled to live a magical night to help the team overcome the stubborn defense 'blue'.

It is the biggest game of the season. The topic this time can not be more true. Barça are playing tonight at the Camp Nou the illusion of playing its third final of the Champions League in four years and planted to a game of being the first club in history to repeat title since the competition adopted its new name. Is the exciting challenge of European champion and the world. Not be easy. Arrives at Camp Nou Chelsea with its incredible bounty of the first leg of the semifinal. A week ago he found that 1-0 and now will not be ashamed to defend it hanging from the goal of the inspired Petr Cech. Against that, the club will return to the fray with his football, open, courageous and backs of the world's best player, Leo Messi, who is eager to erase the bad memory as soon as el clásico.

To reach the final in Munich the club will have the support of a hobby in the last minute of the current mentality exhibited clásico, so different from other times. On Saturday, on top against Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho put an end to the League at the Nou Camp, yet processed and disgust at the speed of light was able to start the comeback against Chelsea. That "being the millor that Barça is the hi ha!" Chorused the stands confirmed that Barça will roar today after a magical night, with thousands of flags to the receiving computer. This is the era of Barça, the fans know it and do an exercise of responsibility.

Barça need one goal to tie the tie and two to go as long as Chelsea do not check, because a 2-1, for example, would throw the tournament champion. At Stamford Bridge Chelsea needed only a chance to score thanks to one of their classics, Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard that as you feel about your last chance to be champion of Europe. Barça, had eight clear in London after kicking 24 times, fell to zero. That can not happen again if the club intends to be in Munich. Nor against Madrid was hit upon, because while opportunities were few, were half a goal.

Winning the Champions fifth for Barca and the fourth of Xavi, Puyol, Messi, Iniesta and Valdes is a shot of two parties, but if you do not win the first of a two-goal distance has no one.

Once expectantly
The alignment of Barça in el clásico has generated debate, particularly by the absence of Gerard Piqué. So there are expectations for the eleven who raised Guardiola is expected to be the gala, with Cesc or Pedro who knows if Cuenca. The final of the Champions, and the ability to play it against Madrid, is much prize not to fight it until the last second. (via MD)